CSS Festivals

Community Seasonal Festivals

As the ties of community grow stronger, we are moved to re-affirm our connections to one another and to our Earth.  This began, at Stone Mountain Farm, the celebrations which are now our Community Seasonal Festivals.  Playfully invoking the realm of myth & wonder, they center around the Solstices, Equinoxes and the ancient Fire Festivals which mark the midpoints of the seasons.  Come sing and dance with us, as we celebrate the wheel of the year together.

Our first and currently largest festival marks the start of our season, annually the last Saturday of April Or the first Saturday closest to May First (See our Calendar for the exact dates).  Hundreds of attendees welcome in the summer, dancing the Maypole, singing, playing in our pageant, picnicking and applauding the jongleurs, thespians and musicians.

Midsummer Lughnacy Arts Festival: First weekend of August
Two days of fine music, dance, theater and food from the Hudson valley region, NYC and beyond.  Lughnasad is the Fire fest of Lugh charioteer of the sun, musician and master of all crafts and arts.  We immolate the traditional Wickerman Saturday night with music drumming and bonfire.  Camp Saturday night and enjoy a second day Sunday of games & entertainment followed by a film under the stars.

Summers End Celebration: End of October
This festival changes it’s shape annually, check back with us in the fall to see what we’re up to.

Saint Bridget’s Night: Midwinter
An intimate evening of stories, music and film by the fire.  Bring a story or song, pillow and snacks and help us keep the longest night of the year bright with the fire of creativity.

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