Outdoor Stage- Marley Fund Raiser, Thank you!

Healing the Floor

beneath our Feet






Repair the Stage at Stone Mountain Farm!

Thanks to a special group of generous donors, in the summer of 2008 we raised almost $3000 in six weeks! Plus Judy and Peter Hauser (VisionPilots.com) and the Vanaver Caravan donated an amazing Marley floor (a professional dance floor worth over $6000) that covers the entire stage.We are overjoyed and sending a very special Thank you to our timely supporters and to Judy and Peter, Livia and Bill!  

These wonderful donors have met our PhaseOne goal of providing a delightfully danceable floor for the Freestyle Frolic and SummerDance2008, and have brought us within reach of our PhaseTwo goal of replacing the sub-floor of our stage with a new, solid, smooth weatherproof surface to support our Outdoor 2009 season of exciting dance and theater programming.

(Check our Calendar and Festival pages to see our summer schedule of events.)

If you’ve considered donating but haven’t gotten around to it yet—now is the time: Even small contributions from many of you who have enjoyed dancing and celebrating marriages and other community rites of passage and festivals on our stage, can help to carry us to our goal before winter closes our season.If, like Judy, you have an item you think we might be able to use or a connection with a company, please let us know.You can leave a message for Gwyn, our program coordinator, at 845-658-8540, or email her directly at Gwyn@symbolicstudies.org.

Keep checking this page, as we will be posting reports of our funding progress, pictures of our OutdoorStage in past years and from over the 2008-09 summers, with its beautiful new Marley floor, and designs for the roof (in the now not so distant future)!

Thank you all so much

for your thoughts & contributions!

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