Midsummer at Stone Mountain Farm- Saturday, July 28th,2018

July 22, 2018 admin Uncategorized

How do we build a wicker man every year at Midsummer? With the help of community on the day of the event! There’s a frame to be built, usually topped with a grinning head made of wood. Straw is bound around the frame, then packed in the straw an offering of the fruits of first harvest are often added along with wishes and things we might want to let go of. We perform this ancient fire festival every year around the first of August and people go away with a sense of letting go and lightness before the bustle of fall. You are invited to take part, in fact, your participation is what makes the the offering full.

Come early to help build him, and bring a potluck item to celebrate as we burn him at dusk. Music around the fire and storytelling will happen spontaneously as we gather. There will be music at the Rail Trail Cafe  throughout the afternoon and evening .

Midsummer preparations will begin around midafternoon on Saturday, July 28th, and the Wicker Man will burn at dusk.


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