Bardic Circle: A Festival of Storytelling and Song, Saturday, July 29, 3PM-10:30PM

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The Path of the bard is associated with the preservation of immortal lore from the past, making fun of political excesses and travesties, edifying the populace with instructive allegories, and just simple, elegant entertainment, especially where music is invited in.

This midsummer we celebrate the richness and variety of storytelling through the ages, using timeless myths, recitations and rhymes from lore from many cultures, even the wild poetic mind of our own time.  The program has alternate narratives and songs, and discussion of why the mythopoetic imagination has such timeless appeal.

Professional and amateur, our storytellers have been carefully selected, to deliver messages that instruct as well as entertain us.  There will be thoughtful discussions and presentation in how to tell a successful story, no matter what the level of appeal:  Children should be welcomed as well as enthralled—and there are special programs for them mixed into the program.  For Adults, we have strategies for how to tell personal and narrative stories that enchant listeners.  We have workshops, plenary presentations, and concert level performances.

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