“Apus and genios of the Mountains and Forests. Divine forces on the Earth” April 16th at 2 pm

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eda“Apus and genios of the Mountains and Forests. Divine forces on the Earth”
With Eda Zavala Lopez. She is dedicated to Amazonian Indigenous healing practices by leading ceremonies with medicinal plants, practicing ancient ways of healing knowledge and empowering her people in preserving their sacred territories.

Running in Eda’s blood is the traditional wisdom that she received through her mother’s lineage. After her studies, she decided to continue this heritage. She moved into the forest to learn with Indigenous Elders who adopted her as a spiritual daughter.

Create outside a circle and a beautiful energy around and honor Mother Earth together. We will stay outside one hour and a half and create an Altar and a small fire and offerings, representing Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. After my song prayers we will offer some food to our Ancestors and put little pieces of turkey, flowers and water on the Earth each one of us.

We will accept offerings of two bunch of flowers, a container of water, pieces of turkey, some some little pieces of fruits, brown sugar, two feathers, two white candles, incense. People can also bring some offerings of white/transparent crystals, palo santo, herbs, sage, sweet grass.

After ceremony we go inside for two hours and approach to Indigenous knowledge and how we reverence Spirits of the forests and mountains. A briefly description of magical beings and spirits of the mountains related to the natural forces and how they converge into the daily life of Indigenous People.

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