26th annual Beltane Festival at Stone Mountain Farm- April 30th, 2016

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Hello Everyone! CSS has a new Festival webpage, created to inform everyone about CSS Festivals including BELTANE!

Check it out to Buy Tickets, sign up to volunteer and learn about all the cool things in store for our may day celebration!


Gentlepersons, Neighbours & Friends! Come dressed in your fanciful best to celebrate with our merry band of Musicians, Singers & Dancers, Jongleurs & Players, Fine Artisans & Vendors of Foods, Apparel & Sundrie Items, Giant Puppets, Dancing Dragons & Prancing Horses, all manner of Clowns, Masquers, Magical Beings, Birds & Beasties! Let us bid farewell to Winter and welcome Spring at the 25th annual Beltane Festival, Renaissance & Craft Faire, to be held on Saturday, April 30th, 2016. (Rain date is May 1st)

Please consider CSS membership as you purchase a ticket! It’s a great value.. it includes parking and a Beltane ticket , and access to our grounds for other seasonal festivals or just beautiful hikes on our trails. We also have a Beltane Miracle gifting option this year to help support a few free tickets for people who need an extra boost to join the fun!
The charge for parking onsite at the gate will be $15 and is not included in your ticket purchase. Check symbolicstudies.org in mid April for more information about free offsite parking options.
Have questions about 26th annual Beltane Festival at Stone Mountain Farm- April 30th, 2016? Contact Center for Symbolic Studies

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