Samhain/ Day of the Dead Community Gathering- Friday Evening Oct 30th 7:30

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Join us Friday Evening Oct 30th 7:30 at the Center for Symbolic Studies in New Paltz as we celebrate “Samhain – The Day of the Dead”. I know, ‘day of the dead’ sounds kinda creepy (and it *is* the basis of “Halloween”), but it actually is far more. Samhain is a Gaelic Festival that comes as the harvest is ending and winter is approaching: in other words, all the symbolism of ‘life’ and ‘summer’ is moving toward the symbolism of ‘death’ and ‘winter’. It is believed that during this transition, the barrier between the worlds of the living and the dead is at its ‘thinnest’ – and this means that spirits can pass through and visit their relatives and friends. Thus, the Festival becomes an opportunity to remember and honor those whom we have lost, and perhaps to receive a visitation from their spirits.

Of course, other not-so-wonderful spirits can also cross the barrier, so it became the custom to wear scary costumes to ward of the evil spirits. The festival was incorporated into Christianity’s All Saints Day (“All Hallows Eve”) and All Soul’s Day, and is best known to us now as Halloween.

So join us on Friday night to celebrate and honor the lives of the beloved people who have passed into death. We are meeting on the 30th, rather than the 31st, in part so that people with families can come and still celebrate Halloween on Saturday, but also in part because, as it happens, Joseph Campbell – the great force behind the Center for Symbolic Studies – passed beyond on October 30, 1987. So come and honor Joe for all his contributions, as well as all members of our community who have recently passed, and everyone that we miss and wish to celebrate.

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