Join Us for Our By Monthly Interfaith Service

April 23, 2015 Andrew Cort AnnouncementsMythology

Every 2nd and 4th Sunday,  at 4:00 PM


All the religions of the world, when looked at in their essence, remind us that we are all here for the same reason – to experience life to its fullest, to love ourselves and each other unconditionally, to open our hearts and minds to the full splendor of the universe, and to awaken that spark of divinity within each of us that can lift our soul back to its divine source in conscious communion.

If people but knew their own religion
how tolerant they would become.
And how free from any grudge,
against the religion of others.

– Rumi

Andrew’s first Sermon will be about reading religious stories from a Mythological point of view —not as ‘history’, but as inner symbolic instructions for awakening one’s heart and soul.

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