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Saturday Evening, April 4, 2015, at 5:00 PM
On the one hand, the Passover Seder is a ceremonial and celebratory dinner that commemorates the escape to freedom (the Exodus) of the Hebrew slaves who were held in ancient Egypt.


 sederBut that is just one part of the celebration. Even more importantly, it is about us. More than a mere commemoration of history, the Passover tradition obligates each of us to regard ourselves as having been personally freed from Egypt. But ‘Egypt’ is not simply “a place over there.” The Hebrew word for Egypt, Mitzraim, actually means ‘constricted, difficult, narrow straits’. Psychologically, it represents a state of ‘slavery’ that exists within us, in the here and now.


So the freedom we celebrate at Passover includes not only the freedom of all peoples from external slavery (including the freedom to live in peace, with dignity, and the hope for a bright future for ourselves and our children). It is also the freedom to break the bonds of inner slavery, to transcend our limitations, to become all that we ought to be. All together, this makes it a fitting Spring Festival – a celebration of Life.
 Please join us! The event is free of charge (though we certainly encourage your donations, both to cover the costs of the evening as well as to help jump start the new Interfaith program that we are initiating at the Center.) And although this is a Jewish holiday, we want everyone who is interested to feel not ‘merely welcome’ but very much encouraged to come and share in this experience.
In order that we are certain to have the right amount of food and wine for the rituals and for the dinner that follows, please RSVP. You can contact the Center, or respond to

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