Dr. Andrew Cort joins Center for Symbolic Studies Faculty as Joseph Campbell Scholar and Interfaith Chaplain

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Robin and I are very happy and proud to have the Rev. Dr. Andrew Cort join us in 2015. Dr. Cort brings a lot to our (symbolic) banquet table: an author, speaker, and teacher, he holds a Doctorate in Jurisprudence as well as Chiropractic, is certified at the Masters Level in Teaching, and has just been ordained as an Interfaith Minister. He is also a just plain nice guy!

You will see the inventory of his books on spirituality and mythology added to our website in the near future, and we will also publish his resume on our website (along with Robin and mine and all our staff at Stone Mountain Center as well as CSS).

Andrew connects us to the Woodstock community through his Interfaith Awakening Center and lovely shop ‘Reveries’ (located in the very center of Woodstock at 9 Rock City Road).

Among other things, we have invited him to conduct Interfaith Services twice a month (second and fourth Sunday of the month, beginning onApril 12th) at 4 PM, and one of these will segue into the monthly Joseph Campbell Roundtable discussion from 5-7 PM. What Robin and I like about this is that it allows people who have usual Sunday (or Saturday) worship commitments to come to our gathering as well.

The interfaith services will be conducted by Andrew (and/or selected guest speakers or priest/priestesses). We of course welcome people of all faiths, cultures, and traditions, including, but not restricted to: Bahai, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Native American, Priestess-path, Tibetan (and other) Buddhist.

Our mission statement includes respectful openness to all traditions regardless of culture of origin and gender inflection of spiritual entities (including Mother Earth, or the Universe as “Mother”), and support for the common underlying purpose of increasing compassion, love, and attaining spiritual awakening, that is shared by all our traditions.

– Stephen Larsen


Dr, Andrew Cort

Dr, Andrew Cort

Andrew Cort is an Author, Speaker, Attorney, Teacher, Doctor of Chiropractic, and Interfaith Minister.

His books are about peace and well-being, and they celebrate the underlying decency and spiritual unity of all our traditions. You can find out more about Dr. Cort, his books, videos, speaking engagements, etc, at his website www.AndrewCort.com and his blog www.InterfaithAwakening.com

If you are in Woodstock, NY, visit Dr. Cort at


You can purchase his books as well at those of Dr. Stephen Larsen here http://woodstockreveries.com/product-category/spiritual-books/

Follow Dr. Cort on Twitter and Facebook.

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