Metamorphosis – Mid-Summer Festival!

June 30, 2014 Brendan Merritt Community Seasonal FestivalsEventEvents


Saturday July 26, 1pm-10pm; Sunday July 27, 11am-4pm In the finest tradition of the Center for Symbolic Studies our program this year contains ritual, scholarly, comic & myth making elements: As always, there will be the after-dark ritual of Fire- Twirling, Drum Circle & Burning of the Wicker Man in celebration of Lugnasadh. 

 In keeping with the tradition and social mission of the Center for Symbolic Studies, and our Joseph Campbell legacy, this years theme is focused on Greek Mythology, and features many of our scholarly and creative friends, in a magical blend of scholarship, storytelling and music, as below.

            This year’s inspiration came from Mikhail Horowitz, who was looking for a venue where he could once again perpetrate his degenerate version of Homer on an unwitting crowd.  He and Gilles Malkine will be featured on Saturday evening at 7 PM, before the evening ritual and the traditional midsummer burning of the wicker man.

The Daytime program METAMORPHOSES includes:

Saturday, July 26

 1PM:  Gates Open


1:30  Welcoming Remarks:  Stephen and Robin Larsen

2:00  Stephen and Robin:  Joseph Campbell on Greek Mythology and the Beginnings of Western Civilization

3:00  StoryCrafters, Jeri Burns, and Barry Marshall: The Rap Pandora’s Box

4:00 Break (With music from Ed Sanders album Songs from the Ancient Greek)


(The construction of the Wicker Man begins during this time)


4:30 Rich Schwab:  Aesop’s Fables and Metamorphoses

5:15 Greek Musicians

6:00  Dinner Break

7:00  Mikhail Horowitz & Gilles Malkine:  The Rap Odyssey, (and other Hellenistic, Highly Mythic Perpetrations.)

8:00            Evening Ritual Begins:  Brendan Merritt, Heather Duke and Staff. Burning of the Wicker Man.


Sunday, July 27

11AM:  Andrew Cort: The One and the Many: From Heraclitus and Parmenides to Democritus and Plato

12PM: Greek Music by Bill and Livia Vanaver

12:30            Charles Stein:  Persephone’s Journey

1:15            Lunch Break

2:15            Stephen and Robin Larsen: Asclepius: Myths and Stories of the Divine Healer

3:00            Panel: All Presenters

4:00            Bill and Livian Vanaver: Music and Dance from Greece (a participatory closing


Cost: $99 for both days, or $70 for Saturday
including traditional MidSummer
evening events; or $45 for Sunday alone

Food served at the
RailTrail Cafe!
Center for Symbolic Studies

430 pm Saturday: Come help us build
the WickerMan! (Builders eve admission $12)
730 pm Saturday: Admission $30
Red Fox Meadow Camping Allowed Saturday night

Children under 12 Free (Sunday rain date!)

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