Havening Workshop with Dr. Steven Ruden: Sunday Nov 18, 2012, 10-6

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 SMC, along with the Center for Symbolic Studies, is pleased to announce a workshop in Havening for Mental Health Professionals, Nurses, EMT’s, and others who wish to learn to work with the aftermath of trauma. Havening is a breakthrough therapeutic technique utilizing tapping, gentle stroking, EMDR-like techniques, and psychological skill to relieve the after-affects of severe, and even long-standing trauma in a brief, decisive intervention. 

Neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change itself, has altered the previously held belief that the brain is a static organ and changes once made were immutable. Utilizing cutting edge information gleaned from today’s peer-reviewed journals a novel approach to healing has been developed. This methodology is called Psychosensory Therapy. Havening, a form of Psychosensory therapy, involves the use light touch as its sensory component to create profound and permanent changes in both the structure and molecular make up of the brain. Anger, fear, unwanted reflective emotions such as shame, jealousy, grief, guilt, are subject to rapid removal following Havening. In addition, chronic pain, phobias, panic and addictive disorders may also be alleviated. Please attend this workshop and learn how life-changing this information is for your clients and yourself

Morning: 10-1:30

 Introduction to the concept of the Third Pillar

Emotions and Survival

Neurobiology of encoding A Traumatic Memory

Demonstration of De-encoding a Traumatic Memory

Interactive workshop with Partners

Afternoon: 2:30-6 PM

 Consequences of Traumatic Memories

Disrupting a Traumatic Memory

Havening and more extensive interactive training

Advanced techniques

Closing Comments, Q&A

Dr. Steven J. Ruden has been working with his brother Ronald Ruden M.D. Ph. D. for the last decade developing Havening and a new way of looking at emotional distress and illness. He also a Certified Life Coach and has earned the title of ICF ACC.  One can read more about Havening in Dr. Ron Ruden’s thoroughly documented book:  The Past is always Present.


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