Joseph Campbell RoundTable – July 15th @ 5:30pm – The Mythology of Superheroes

July 11, 2012 admin EventEventsHide from Front PageJoseph Campbell RoundTable

In a recent book entitled Cultural Mythology and Global Leadership, Eric H. Kessler has a wonderful chapter about the different personality types of people in America (specifically leadership styles) as based on their favorite Superheroes. He writes:

“The central premise of this chapter is that United States leadership style, if such a heterogeneous culture can be boiled down so simply, might be at its core akin to acting like and creating the image of the mythological super-hero.”

He goes through different approaches based on those who are drawn to Spiderman, Wonderwoman, Batman, Superman, or teams such as the X-Men the Justice League, the Avengers or the Fantastic Four.

And so, in expectation of the new film The Dark Knight Rises, we will be looking at the ‘modern mythology’ of Superheroes in our culture. We will be honing in on our own favorite heroes, and glimpsing at them as archetypes to unravel their deeper meanings through their attributes, their deeds and their interactions with their friends and villains.

Suggested Donation is $5. Please bring a dish to share and be ready to talk about your own favorite heroes, or sometimes even more thrilling, your favorite villains.


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