Joseph Campbell RoundTable – The Creative Spark – May 20th @ 5:30pm-7:30pm

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The human race has spent many a creative night discovering gems of songs, stories, ideas and inventions. Of course, there’s been just as many days trying to figure out how those gems sprouted so easily and how to reproduce them.

In this Mythological RoundTable, we will be reading through Myths of Creativity around the world and the metaphors beneath them. We’ll look at the creative relationship between the Artist and the Unconscious using symbols of  Spirit Guides, Genies, Angels, Wayakins, Faeries, and Quarim. We’ll uncover hidden secrets to well known myths by unlocking the meanings of characters’ names, look at some of the oldest rituals on creative flow and discuss Jung’s archetypes of the Anima and Animus.

Be sure to bring your notebook, songbook, drawing pad or sculpting clay because in the end we’ll finish off with a creativity based guided meditation for unleashing the flow of ideas for any of your projects or ambitions.

Our Joseph Campbell Mythological RoundTable meets monthly on the 3rd Sunday, in the FireplaceRoom at the Center for Symbolic Studies (see Directions). We are located at the crossing of River Road and Springtown Road, about 5 miles north of New Paltz.  Bring your curiosity, a story or two if you have them, and either a $20 donation or snack to share with the group if that’s more convenient. Contact us if you have a question or request.


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